Ferry Corsten

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1- Are there any points in your career where you felt you’d come to a point where
you couldn’t do it any longer?

Definitely. Although I always realize and remind myself how Lucky I am to be able to do what I do, which is make a career of a hobby and passion, at times especially when it gets tôo crazy, it becomes tôo much.
A lot of people think being a DJ is easy, but they don’t realize a lot goes into your work in terms of preparation. Travelling all around the world can be physically intense and very tiring. I also produce my own music so if I’m not behind the decks, I’m behind my laptop or in my Studio making music.
If I do get those moments (which do happen but thankfully not that often), I make it a point to step back and take some time out and collect myself. It’s important to listen to your mind and your body. Pushing yourself tôo far won’t help yourself.

2-What has been the highlight for you oever the years?

I’ve had a few highlights over the years. Number 1 is the release of my last álbum
“Blueprint. ” This was an absolute highlight for myself. It pushed my boundaries as a music producer. I really had an amazing time making it. I’ve also finished my first movie score for
the film “Don’t Go,” which Will be released in September. It is another dream that is slowly becoming a reality.
Last but not the least, the new concept that I have called ‘Unity” is really inspiring. I work with various established and upcoming artists in the trance genre to collaborate on music.
This concept is also connected to the VH1 Save the music where we Will donate Money to children Who are less fortunate and want to learn more about music but do not have the
means to do so!

3- You have your track with Jordan Suckley ‘Rosetta’ due for release very soon, how did that come about?

When we were coming up with a shortlist of various producers that we wanted to
collaborate with Jordan Suckley was on the list. He was also interested in working on the Project so that came together nicely.

4-How do you see the world’s electronic music scene at the minute?

I think it’s in a very interesting point in its’ existence. Plenty of people are stuck are longing for that nostalgia of the early days, others can’t wait to move forward. In my opinion. these forces wiil ultimately blend into a fresh new nostalgic sound.

5-When will you return to Brazil?

I’m actually not sure when I will be going back. I know the next few months are all full but you never know. I’m crossing my fingers!

6-What do you think about Brazil? By the way, you're always here! Do you know any

Brazilian trance producers? Has there ever been a partnership?
∫Brazil is a beautiful country with great and friendly people. Over the years of coming regularly to your country, I have made quite a number of good friends Who are always there. It’s great hanging out wtih them. I know Danilo Ercole. Klaus Goullart is a good friend of mine.

7-Top 5 tracks you’re playing at the minute

Ferry Corsten & Jordan Suckley: Rosetta
Dim3nsion : A Summer Story Anthem
Eon: Knocker
Ferry Corsten “I Love you” (Won’t give it Up)
Ton TB: Angel Love

8-How would you define your sound?
Trance melodic music with an edge.

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