All Hail The Silence – The Alarm (Vince Clarke Remix)

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Vince’s outreach came at a timely juncture, just as ‘The Alarm’ had sparked renewed interest through its inclusion on the pair’s Jan ’19 released debut studio album, ‘‡’.

Naturally following A.H.T.S. prescribed studio operandi (using analogue-only synthesizers and without computer sequencing assistance, echoing techniques Clarke himself originally advanced), Vince set to work.

Hooked around Roland-ish synths & pads and the emotional highs of its chord progressions, he has given ‘The Alarm’ an almost impossibly cool remapping. Fashioning a neo-classic analogue style, he brilliantly picks out the pathos of Christian’s verses and accentuates the nascent optimism of his chorus. A small piece of electronic music history made, you can stream/purchase the Vince Clarke retrofuturistic take on All Hail The Silence’s ‘The Alarm’ here. (


01. The Alarm (Vince Clarke Remix)

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